Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Green Zone

Following the American invasion of Iraq in 2003 Chief Warrant Officer Roy Miller and his men are charged with finding the so-called weapons of mass destruction, whose existence justified American involvement, according to the Pentagon and their man in Baghdad, Poundsgate. Veteran CIA operative Marty tells Miller that there are no weapons, it is a deception to allow the Americans to take over the country and install a puppet leader. Also suspicious of Poundsgate is Wall Street Journal reporter Lawrie Dayne, who lets slip to Miller that Poundsgate told her he had secret talks in Jordan with an important Iraqi, code-named Magellan, who told him about the weapons, though it now seems likely Magellan's true information was to the contrary. So begins a hunt for the truth. Who's playing whom?

After the last movie (Vampires Suck) I was quite please to stumble across this diamond in the rough. Green Zone was surprisingly entertaining and well worth the watch. The cast fit the roles as perfect as anyone could have asked. Matt Damon plays an excellent leading role, with a great performance from Brendan Gleeson as well. Several of the military roles were filled by actual Iraq/Afghanistan veterans, not actors. One of the supporting actors, Said Faraj, shines through well for not having the extensive resume of his peers. While the film is a work of fiction, it takes an issue that we have all faced living in post September 11th America and gets you thinking about how things are really conducted overseas and if there is some truth behind the story. Green Zone is jam packed with adrenaline pumping scenes mixed with a level of intellect that keeps your mind focused on the depth of the story line. Would deffinitely give this one a watch, worth the download/rental.


  1. nothing better than personal movie reviews.
    Often critics are too harsh.


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