Sunday, August 29, 2010


As a CIA officer, Evelyn Salt swore an oath to duty, honor and country. Her loyalty will be tested when a defector accuses her of being a Russian spy. Salt goes on the run, using all her skills and years of experience as a covert operative to elude capture. Salt's efforts to prove her innocence only serve to cast doubt on her motives, as the hunt to uncover the truth behind her identity continues and the question remains: "Who is Salt?" Written by Sony Pictures

Salt derrives its name from the main character Evelyn Salt played by Angelina Jolie. Angelina assumes a role as a spy working for the US, with an underlying Russian connection. This comes into play early in the movie when her loyalty to one state is brought into question. This is where the movie really starts to pick up the pace as an action packed chase ensues. The action scenes in Salt proved to be highly entertaining and deffinitely gets your adrenaline pumping. As the movie progresses plot twists arrive at every corner leaving you wondering just who is real and who is merely a facade of something less heinous. Deffinitely an exhilerating movie that will keep your eyes on the screen at all times with the aide of some eye candy as well (Angelina). Would love to see more lead roles that portray her strengths as this movie has.

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